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Opportunities and Risks of the Internet

All types of media dominate our lives. At any time, we are accessible, and information and entertainment reach us in every form of media.

No wonder the internet has turned our lives upside down in just a few years. Today, the average person uses multimedia more extensively than any TV station at the turn of the millennium. It would be fatal to isolate oneself from the continuously evolving internet culture. Furthermore, all individuals, businesses, and sectors are becoming media companies. For example, a few years ago, a travel agency was just a local storefront, but now most of its business is conducted through internet portals. In the future, no industry will be viable without media, and clever use of media can enhance business operations. What advantages does this mediatization offer to entrepreneurs, and what should one consider when transitioning from entrepreneur to media mogul?

-Why can't this be ignored?

-What media are interesting for entrepreneurs? Social media, streaming, web, apps?

-How do I properly use media?

-What risks are involved?

-What opportunities arise?

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