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Transmedia Interview with Jeff Gomez CEO at Starlight Runner Entertainment

As coursework for the Cross Media course Ms. Nora Schmidt conducted an interview with #Transmediavisonary Jeff Gomez @Jeff_Gomez  - CEO  Starlight Runner Entertainment CEO.

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Interview with Simon Magata - Senior Brand Manager Ubisoft Germany

As part of the my Cross Media course Mr. Carmine Siena @mino_siena conducted an interview with Simon Magata - Senior Brand Manager Ubisoft Germany. 

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Interview MedienstadtKöln


Interview mit Prof. Schwertel. Rückblick auf 2016, Ausblick auf 2017.

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Interview with Amandine Flachs – #VirtualReality Specialist

I had an interview with Amandine Flachs. She is a Virtual Reality Specialist and one of my most interesting sources on twitter for VR and AR. Read the full interview.

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