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ChatGPT may currently be a hot topic, but it is just the tip of the iceberg in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Nowadays, we are experiencing a massive leap in innovation every five days, which is almost too much to process. Prof. Michael Schwertel will highlight the current status of AI in his lecture and place it in relation to the overall AI innovation explosion of our times. The focus will be on the significance of this development for journalism, the opportunities and risks it presents for our society, as well as the constants for the economy, politics, and media (marketing and PR). Prof. Schwertel will demonstrate how these areas should best handle the rapid development. The lecture offers a comprehensive analysis of the current AI landscape and its effects on various aspects of our society. It will provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities arising from the AI innovation explosion and show how these changes could best be managed. Learning objectives of the event: Understand the development of Artificial Intelligence and draw practical conclusions for the future. Understand what Artificial Intelligence can achieve today and what impact it will have on us. Foresee the future handling of Artificial Intelligence and be as well-prepared as possible.

Lecture at the Siegen Newspaper by Prof. Michael Schwertel for the Marketing Club Siegen.

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