Interview Influencer Marketing: Nina-Laureen

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Interview Influencer Marketing: Nina-Laureen

Interview Influencer Marketing: Nina-Laureen

Name: Nina-Laureen Weingarten

Geburtstag: 23.11.1993

Wohnort: Köln

Instagram: 104,8 TSD

Youtube: 6.489



1. Why did you start running your Instagram account like a blog? Was it supposed to be like that or was it a coincidence? If yes, when and how?

Nina-Laureen: Basically, everything started with my personal Instagram profile. After my apprenticeship as a design assistant, I started sharing personal and professional pictures in high quality. Only six months later, I noticed an enormous growth as I reached the mark of 10.000 followers. More and more subscribers started to ask direct and personal questions in terms of comments above posted pictures, whereat I decided to start a blog. If I notice that people ask the same questions several times, that is a sign for me that it could be an interesting topic for a blogpost. When my social media platforms became more successful, for companies it was a benefit that I have a blog, because of the extensive sizes and place where products can be described and estimated in a better and more detailed way.

2. How does the Influencer existence affects your private at the everyday life and at the working environment?

Nina-Laureen: Additionally, I am working at the boutique Beutejagd and I am studying architecture. In my point of view, my blog is more a passion which brings a lot of fun. The sideline is rather secondary for me. Of course, it can be stressful such as in my last vacation in Spain where I had bad internet connection available. I had an agreement with a company so I had to post a certain picture at a certain date. You have to plan such things in advantage but in general it can be said that this is not real pressure for me. In the everyday life it does not affect me at all.

3. What do you think corporations does interact with influencer marketing nowadays? Do you think there is a growth in influencer marketing?

Nina-Laureen: Yes, I think there is a growth. There are small but also big corporations that implement social media marketing, especially influencer marketing in their marketing strategies. A big reason is that these corporations have the chance to reach a high amount of people easily with less expenditure. I think, mainly young and modern companies use this marketing strategy but as well as „older“ firms also follow this trend and realize that they have to become more active. By having in mind that for example an advertising campaign in television costs a couple of million euro without having a guarantee for reaching the right target group, it is obvious that working together with popular bloggers and influencer has much more advantages such as reaching the same amount of people by often having a smaller financial investment. Moreover, the target group can be exactly identified through choosing the right influencer. By doing analysis and research of the community, the exact age group can be determined. Through such analysis it gets clear, that for example Bibisbeautypalace reaches rather the younger community on Instagram and Youtube, in the opposite to Farina Opuka from NovaLanaLove, who reaches a older target group. Like already mentioned before, I am working in the boutique Beutejagd where also costumers are searching for me just because I linked and mentioned it on my Instagram profile. This shows me, that my subscriber are following my posts attentively and are welcome for new ideas or inspirations.

4. Because of which features, characteristics, numbers or facts do customer consciously decide to cooperate with you?

Nina-Laureen: I think, this is really difficult to answer, but I would claim that especially my target group could be interesting for firms. More than 70% of my subscribers are in the age of 18-34. In the opposite to a younger community, they have a spending capacity to comply their wishes and ideas. I try to offer high qualitative content which implies photographs in high definition for example. On my profile just a few none typical selfies in the mirror etc. can be seen. Furthermore, I only advertise for products, which I really wanted to be connected with. For example a tea, which promises you to lose 10kg, I would never do advertising for. I neither believe in it nor I embody, in my opinion, the right body in this case. I want to stay authentic by staying with my opinion and conception. Additionally, the firms that regard my profile can also recognize that it is not spammed with a lots of advertisement or product placement. A few weeks ago, I had a request for a dating profile which I refused. On my Instagram profile I frequently share pictures together with my boyfriend.Therefore, I decided to decline the dating profile job for staying authentic for my subscribers because of impropriety and incredibility. It does not matter how much money they would have offered.

5. How important is the interaction with your community? Were there certain actions or posts which generated a particularly high growth of the subscribers and followers?

Nina-Laureen: Of course, the interaction with my followers or my community is very important to be persistent and I am really thankful. I always have in mind that I would not be successful without their support in any way. My community is my most important element and my goal is, of course, that continues growing. Accordingly, it is very important to interact and have dialogues with it. Generally one can say that if I made pictures abroad, these amount of reactions in form of likes, comments and shares increased. This is explained by the fact that on the one hand the locations there evoke better or more beautiful photos. On the other hand the people were simply more interested other locations than Germany. In addition, you can say that pictures of myself like, or in general photos were I am shown are more successful than posted images of products or food for example. Simply because my target group is exactly interested in what I stand for : lifestyle, fashion and travel. They like pictures out of these sections. Shoutouts, which means pictures showing me together with a well-known blogger, reach a high amount of people. Through tagging this influencer I can not only reach my community but also the community of the other influencer, so my subscribers and likes rise.

Conducted summer semester 2017 @CBSinfo • 

By Julia Duscheck & Christine Dahm • BA IMM 2015 


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