Expert-Interview with the photographer Felix Hackland

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Expert-Interview with the photographer Felix Hackland


Expert-Interview with the photographer Felix Hackland

You present your portfolio on different platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and on your website. What inspired you to not simply rely on your website like most photographers do, but to also promote yourself on different platforms?

Different platforms have different advantages. On my website (, I can upload bigger files, while on Instagram my reach is of course much bigger. To create awareness for an Instagram page is much easier compared to a website. However, connecting the different channels allows me to lead my recipients from one channel to the others. This way i can profit from the various advantages each platform offers. Right now, Instagram is the most used network, sadly. Sadly because most people then solely judge your work from your Instagram channel, which means that they do not bother to visit your website where your photos have a higher quality. Therefore, it is crucial to put a lot of effort into each social network page in order to present yourself successfully. I think that judging others work only based on a social media account is much more easier for people because it is not that time consuming and it works directly on the app itself, being very user friendly.

Which of your channels is the most beneficial to you?

Concerning reach, Instagram is definitely the most beneficial channel. You can easily gain over 5000 impressions per week, which is really great. Nevertheless, Instagram is very superficial and only very few actually engage with the links to my website and even less actually reach out to me and contact me. Concerning job offers, I would say that the combination of Instagram and my website is the most beneficial to me. Through Instagram i can reach out to most of the people, who I can then lead to my website. There, people who are actually interested in a cooperation can contact me via a contact form.

Have you ever considered using other platforms than those you are currently presenting yourself on? - If so, why did you eventually not use them?

There are many different platforms one can use. There are online platforms that also call themselves online portfolios. I have often thought about using one of these platforms but eventually I decided not to. As my main target group is mostly active on Instagram and Facebook, I decided to stay and really focus on these platforms. Many other platforms do not differ concerning their users, which is another reason why I decided not to use these. I am very happy with the choice of platforms I have made. If I wanted to reach out to other target groups, I could open up more accounts on different platforms. For example, I could reach out to many other creative people on Adobe Platforms such as Behance, but currently I am not interested in doing so.

Considering your cross media appearance, is there anything that limits you or that you have to take into account?

I am trying to respect the USP´s (unique selling proposition) of the different channels, so that the journey for the users does not repeat itself through all channels. A user does not profit from going from one channel to another just to see exactly the same content. Further, the topic of nudity is something that is clearly forbidden on social networks. Concerning this, a website definitely gives you more freedom over your content. Running a successful Instagram page often attracts sponsors.

Have you ever been contacted by any? If so, to what extend does cross media help you with it?

Yes, I’ve been contacted several times as a consequence of my cross media appearance. Due to the high reach via Instagram, a lot of private people and brands become aware of my work. Since in my case, reach is not an important measurement, people or brands contact me because of the quality and style of my pictures. Sponsors contact me in order to get nice pictures that they can additionally use for different purposes instead of spreading their brand among the followers as traditional bloggers do. Cross media helps me to direct the potential sponsors to my website, where they get further impressions of my work.

From which areas did these sponsors or Photojobs come from?

Well, to be honest there are jobs from every category. These jobs range from nutritions (especially drinks) right up to apparel, which can be seen as the main part of my cooperations. Additionally, there are several offers concerning apps, events or also a lot of private persons are contacting me. I think you cannot see these kind of jobs as real photo jobs, but more likely as a side income. For me, real photo jobs are likely to be offered by large fashion companies for example, that have a high budget and large campaigns.

What´s your insider tip or your key to success?

I think what makes me successful is to simply do what I want, as I am convinced that these fields are the ones, I perform in the best. Furthermore, I think that it is essential to follow your own style and not be too influenced by the opinions or styles of other photographers or even the customers. In the end, the customers booked you due to their sympathy for your work and not for changing your style. It definitely helps to have a clear handwriting as a photographer and built a brand around yourself. In order to succeed and appear authentic, this brand has to be presented in the same way on all your used media channels. Coming to the brand, it surely helps to put yourself in the shoes of the customers and follow their journey through the different channels to analyze their touch points with the brand (in this case, me) and evaluate them. As a consequence, one can design the brand optimally.

By Chantal Van Houtte @ChantalHoutte  & Jacqueline Schmittem


Conducted summer semester 2017 @CBSinfo • 

By Chantal Van Houtte & Jacqueline Schmittem • BA IMM 2015 


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